Alot of  the art work offered by "İKrafty Kreations " is my OWN designs....
I recently have added PNG's of a good g/f of mine LIB that has allowed
me to use them as I see fit in scrapkits or on
Krafty Kreations.
I don't mind your using İKrafty Kreations  tubes, brushes , T
ubes, etc.. for any project you see fit,
but do not share them with groups, add to sites, or offer them on CD's.
 Only share the creation "YOU" made using my tubes, brushes, pngs etc..
.in other word do not share in original PNG state.
As for İKrafty Kreations tutorials please do not
share them, as they are written for
 "İKrafty Kreations " members ONLY! as with everything I
offer within this site. 
All of İKrafty Kreations  tags can be used to make personalized tags,
including offering them in groups
as long as the  İKrafty Kreations watermark is not removed.
If you are 'good' enough to know how to remove a
watermark from a graphic then
your GOOD ENOUGH to make your OWN designs!!!
However SOME of the tubes used in making my 
tags will not be of my own creation.
I will give the artist their credit due when possible.
 As I try to adhere to copyright rules.
I have commercial licenses from
 Cheryl Seslar, Susan Kelly's Puddles of Paint,
You may share the stationary as long as it is not altered in anyway

Please read this carefully

Members will have access to the members area of the İKrafty Kreations   

secured site.

 You'll be issued a username and password which is exclusive to you. 

The contents of the website are available to İKrafty Kreations 

 members only.  These pages have copyright

 protection and may not be reproduced,

translated or sent through email or any other mailing list.  

For security reasons all web traffic is

 monitored via a secure tracking system which

automatically logs your Host and IP address. 

Any member found sharing passwords or web content

 will have their membership terminated.

In the event of you leaving İKrafty Kreations  your

username and password will become invalid.

Make sure before you join this is the kind of site your interested in.
 It is mainly a scrapbooking site..of which you need to know
how to use Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop.
There are no refunds!
God bless each and every one of you...
Thank you for coming by I hope you will join us!
God Bless!